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When i was a freshman in high school I remember we hd to write our autobiography of our likes and interests. Fast forward 13 years later and I’m doing the same in the form a website for my graduate class. I could copy some of the same things butI’m not sure my professor would buy the fact that my favorite cereal is CapN Crunch or Allen Iverson is my all-time favorite athlete.

When I first started this website it was as basic as basic websites can be, but now with newer additions such as html5, css and WordPress it is looking more like 21st century than 1995 which I am very proud of. Also when I first started this site, it was intended for purposes of being in my portfolio to submit to companies. Included within this site is everything you want to know about me personally and professionally. If you are a fan of any content shown on here then feel free to check back on the site regularly as I will be updating this site even after the class is finished. So click on any of the links above and get to know me as much as you want.

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