My agony of Facebook

 The other day I had a convo with a friend and she told me she deactivated her facebook. Said that it was a distraction and most of all there was so much negativity. Then it dawned on me, facebook has some shit on there that it really needs to filter or get rid of […]

The Playoff Somewhat Payoff

  Yes!!! Made it another year to get to this point of the year: NBA playoffs!! Can’t lie. NBA Playoffs over any other playoffs but I established that already. So instead I’m goin to go on a ledge and do something I’ve never done before: make playoff pics. Now bear with me cuz this ain’t […]

Bad Rap

In 2006 Nas dropped the album Hip Hop is Dead and oh my damn Hip Hop went crazy. In 2013 I’m startin to ponder how true those words could be? Especially considering what the first few months of rap music has seemed to be in comparison to its supposed more sensitive and softer spoken sibling, […]

Accident Needing to Happen?

    Smmfh. Of all things to be done this year, a white has sparked a real conversation about racism. Brad Paisley dropped a new joint with LL Cool J titled “Accidental Racist” a song about a white man dealing with racial differences which in my opinion is like Kobe Bryant dealing with playing off the bench. But… I […]

Gay Marriage and Gun Control

Whats the difference between gay marriage and gun control? Surely Im not mistaking you right now. Honestly when making a somewhat decent attempt to watch the news I see either one or the other. A month or so ago it was all about guns. Now lately it’s been all about gays getting married. Quite frankly […]

Life is But a Beyonce Song

Has Beyonce not shut down the game this year? I mean seriously come on now. Super Bowl she shut off tha lights with her halftime performance. HBO aired her documentary Life is but A Dream which answered the rumors of her having a surrogate to protect her FIIINE ASS BODDY. Ive heard more about Beyonce […]

Roger That

This past week USA Today had an article about NFL players disapproving the way Roger Goodell has done things as commissioner. For what tho? Why are people hating on this man? What the hell has he done wrong in a business sense. NFL ratings are booming. Popularity is prolly at an all-time high. NFL concussions […]

Ruled Out

Ironically, on MLK weekend would I be posting about this particular issue but quite frankly I have to come out and say it. The Rooney Rule in the NFL has to go. In case you don’t know what that is (or if a racist) the Rooney Rule is a rule where NFL teams that have […]