The Irony of the Oscars

A few weeks ago, the hashtag #Oscarssowhite dropped in response to this year’s major nominees not having any a representation of color. Many felt that the world’s greatest super villain, the white male, was once again flexing his super power of dominating mediocrity over a more worth diverse set of candidates. But it did not […]

The Future is Yesterday

So every year or so the internet decides give traditional media a little makeover and it is not probably not done with the long term beautification project. All of our traditional joys and satisfactions that we were accustom to are now just a click away. Don’t believe me then just ask Jimmy Wales. You may […]

Are you Beautiful?

So I’m up for no damn reason but I caught an epsiode of Dr. Phil and he had an intersting show: 62 yr old lady with a 28yr old boyfriend; a lady lost 140 lbs and her husband didn’t like the attn she got; and a lady frm some show “The Swan” who didn’t like […]

Murder Rap

       Some idiot got arrested for a double homicide. The reason he is an idiot is because the cops listened to one of his rap songs and linked his lyrics to the crime. Why can’t you be a rapper that lies like the other rappers?   Rappers always talking shit about something […]