Could Nicki Minaj Catch the Long-Awaited L for Best Female Rapper at this Year’s BET Awards?

For years, the Best Female Rapper category at the BET Awards has always been dominated by Nicki Minaj, the same way Lebron James has dominated the NBA Eastern Conference; probably because, just like the East, there was not much competition to nominate. Outside of Nicki, female rappers have not really been that plentiful in hip hop […]


Stop Making Excuses for 50 Cent

Before Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, there was 50 Cent’s music career. A movement that was built on entertainment propelled by the disdain he had for his peers and slanderous statements he would spew. As he is getting older, beef is being forgiven but music is not so much popping anymore. Yet, you continue to hear […]


Social Media Love

Recently I wrote an article about Pay 2 Play practices going on with local hip hop shows. It was written from a personal persepective and received some good feedback. So here are some pics I posted it on Facebook and decided to show some of the social media love I’ve been getting.