Bullheaded: Week 8

The Houston Texans are coming off an embarrassing 27-9 loss against the Denver Broncos but the shame has continued afterwards. Criticism of quarterback Brock Osweiler’s 2016 campaign has risen greatly. Osweiler and the Texans have come under fire for the $72 million contract he signed in the offseason and the performance that has followed after. […]

Bullheaded: Week 7

When quarterback Brock Osweiler left the Denver Broncos for the Houston Texans during the offseason, Denver was not too pleased. This was the guy that was supposed to be Peyton Manning’s successor but decided to go for “greener” pastures; “greener” referring to a bigger contract. Fast forward to Week 7 of the NFL season, and […]

Bullheaded: Week 6

After the Houston Texans got beat by the Minnesota Vikings last Sunday, the media seemed to take a similar approach on our quarterback. In particular, Rolling Stone wrote an article on how QB Brock Osweiler has been the biggest bust of 2016. The title was misleading enough tom send shockwaves through some of TexansNation; well […]

Bullheaded: Week 5

After going 3-1, the Houston Texans have enjoyed a smooth start to their season but not without its ups and downs. While the new-look offense was introduced to the world, there were still a whirl of concerns about it. As Clowney stepped up, others went down. As great as this record as been, it has […]

Bullheaded: Week 4

After the Week 3 beat down the Houston Texans suffered at the hands of the New England Patriots, you could sense a few changes had to be made; well there were some big ones that came along soon after. This week, it was announced that Texans defensive end J.J. Watt re-injured his back during last […]

Bullheaded: Week 3

After a strong, redeeming win over the Kansas City Chiefs, the Houston Texans are going on their first road game of the year to take on the New England Patriots. Now usually facing the Patriots may be a tough task but this season might be a different story. The Pats will be without quarterback Tom […]

Bullheaded: Week 2

Last season, the Houston Texans started and ended their 2015 campaign with the Kansas City Chiefs; unfortunately they were both losses. In the playoffs, the Texans were outmatched in all phases of the game and it equated to a 30-0 beatdown that left a sour taste in the team’s mouth. Fast forward through free agency, […]