This is Why a J.J. Watt/Tony Romo Trade is a Horrible Idea

Nothing troubles me more than seeing my black public figures get messed up on drugs. So it hurt my heart to learn that someone let Hall-of-Fame wide receiver Cris Carter smoke a pound of rocks and tell the world the Houston Texans should trade defensive end J.J. Watt for Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. It’s not right to accuse people of doing drugs but he has to be higher than giraffe pussy to think this is a deal that could ever occur.

First off, let’s look at the outside of this, something that Skip Bayless brought up in the clip. Since Watt is coming off of back surgery, and Romo is coming off of back surgery, then the two would be an even swap. That is a completely misleading statement. Watt is coming off the first major injury of his career and he still was able to play through it to an extent. Romo is coming off of his 3rd season in which he has missed a chunk of the year. When he came back in the preseason, many people said he was completely fixed. Lo and behold, he injures his back in the Seattle Seahawks costing him his season, once again, and his jib unfortunately. The recovery time to someone in their late 20’s is not the same for someone in their mid-to-late 30’s who has been around the IR block before.

Let’s take a look at age also. Romo is 36 while Watt is 27-years-old. I already went over how this is significant injury-wise but this is just a big deal carreer-wise. Since we’re not dealing with running backs here, Watt obviously has the longer time span to finish his career, especially as a defensive end. If it gets to a point where he is older and unable to do J.J. Watt things, then he can land on a team as a backup or situational pass rusher. Romo could retire tomorrow and it would be the right decision. If Romo gets onto another team, there is not much he could or will be able to do if he’s not a starter. He could probably come in and be a starter/bridge quarterback or a mentor to a young quarterback, but it won’t be for a very long time.

The Texans have a chance to do something that a lot of teams are not doing and that’s play defense. This season they became the number one ranked defensive unit, mainly without Watt. Clowney and linebacker Whitney Mercilus held it down on the pass rush along with defensive tackles rookie D.J. Reader and Christian Covington. Ever since Clowney was drafted, Texans fans have salivated for the pairing of him and Watt, which is an offense’s nightmare. The opportunity to potentially have a pass rush attack that strong is too good to pass up.

It’s time the Texans started drafting quarterbacks seriously again. Ever since David Carr was drafted and flamed out, the urgency does not appear to really be there. The only quarterbacks that have been chosen are backups with very little game experience. O’ Brien is known as a quarterback specialist so getting a rookie QB in the 1st or 2nd round and developing them should be something that his skillset is utilized for; not play fixer-upper to some QB’s who got bounced from their teams.

Perhaps I was too harsh on Carter for his suggestion but it is an idea that needs to be shut down immediately. There are just not enough variables that shows this benefits the Texans equally.

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