Most LIT/Trifling Costumes of Halloween 2016

Halloween may very well be one of the most fun holidays of any year for all ages. There’s trick or treating, parties, pumpkin carving and decorating for a whole month. Obviously the most exciting part of Halloween is putting on costumes. For one day out of the year we get to be our idols, whether they are celebrities or fictional characters. However, since the invention of social media, some of y’all have managed to let your imaginations run wild. That could be a good thing and also a very bad thing.

Good Thang

Some of these costumes I could not front on because they were actually pretty fire

As many L’s as he has taken, Tyga and his crew really pulled off the Dipset look. Even Juelz Santana had to give him a few props. A lot of the great cosutmes featured entertainers or scenes from video as and movies. One couple recreated Nelly and Kelly from their 2002 hit collaboration, Dillemma. Of course what would Halloween be without seeing your favorite comic book character. As my social media peers predicted, there was an occasional Harley Quinn outfit but I didn’t see any in real time. But that honor is bestowed upon Lindsay Lohan and Trina, who blessed my Gram with their presence as the sexy villain. There was a family that even pulled off the Justice League look.

Nah They Killed It… @jimjonescapo @mr_camron @freekey730 ????✔️

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Spot on!!!! #KellyRowland #Nelly

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The MF accuracy *Slow claps* ???????????????????????????????????????? . Be offended all you want. IDGAF.

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#Trina & #LindsayLohan As #HarleyQuinn For #Halloween ????❤️????

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Trifling Thang

Now some of y’all got a little too LIT this year and did the most for Halloween. Like wayyyyyyy most. I don’t know if I can put into words what y’all went through to get to these ideas, especially by putting y’all kids in some of this mess. What is not pictured, is someone dressing their toddler as Kevin Gates. Nah fam. But you can check out some more goodhearted foolery below.

I can only imagine what she putting the baby daddy through ????????????.

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Happy Halloween ???? ????

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@themanacho nailing @ezekielelliott draft day suit this Halloween with his Soto & Co. Sports coat.

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In all honesty, no matter how ridiculous they seemed, it was great seeing the creativity and humor from everyone. It was truly enjoyable, especially for those people such as myself who stayed away from the festivities until the candy goes on sale the next day. Great posts everyone and I will be sure to see your greedy asses when Thanksgiving falls through.

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