Bullheaded: Week 7

When quarterback Brock Osweiler left the Denver Broncos for the Houston Texans during the offseason, Denver was not too pleased. This was the guy that was supposed to be Peyton Manning’s successor but decided to go for “greener” pastures; “greener” referring to a bigger contract. Fast forward to Week 7 of the NFL season, and despite the assumption the Broncos are pleased with their QB choice, there still seems to be a little anger towards Osweiler for going elsewhere. Ealrier this week, Broncos linebacker expressed that they were going to “kill” their former quarterback. It seems a little extreme but not surprising.

The Broncos feel he ditched them for a payday instead of staying with them to become some sort of force that will carry them force large part of the next decade. But they will tell you that they are not salty about the decision at all. Earlier this season, Broncos Vice President John Elway told a local radio show that some good deals were the ones you “don’t make”, which many took as a shot to Osweiler a day after he stunk it up in New England on Thursday Night Football.

Such a tense beef between the Broncos and Osweiler, but it shall be dealt with when the Texans pull up in Denver on Monday Night Football. Check the video below and see how Houston can leave this lover’s quarrel with a W.

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