My Favorite Shows Re-Written through its Black Female Characters

Historically, black people have always felt some type of way about how black women were portrayed in television. Usually a subservient or angry type role would be associated with such characters. But what I have found is that there are shows out there that put black women in character spaces deeper than mainstream media’s historically finger-snapping expectations. With that being said, a non black female friend of mine asked me out of the blue to find some shows that showed the diversity of black female characters on television. I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to. So in doing so, I offered up the usual suspects (Living Single, Girlfriends, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder). Then I thought I would offer up some of my favorite shows – past and present – while writing the synopsis through the eyes of the black female character on the show.

A woman comes home from a long prison bid to rejoin her grown sons and estranged husband, at the record company she helped fund with drug money. However, she must deal with family bickering, tension between her ex husband’s new fiancee and battles with past street associates that the former couple have came across.

Tasha St. Patrick is a beautiful wife and mother of two children, but that is not her complete identity. She helps keep her husband’s drug business afloat all while maintaining the image and lifestyle of a homemaker.

Love and Hip Hop
These are the stories of various women involved in the hip hop scenes across America. Watch these entertainers and models deal with the struggles of maintaining romantic and platonic relationships, while trying to achieve success in their respected fields.

A Different World
Whitley Gilbert is a southern belle socialite and a legacy student at HBCU, Hillman College. It is here where she befriends Kim, an ambitious medical student from the Midwest; Jaleesa, a non-traditional student and divorcee; Freddie, a biracial, hippie flower child from Arizona who has grown up with minimal interaction between black people; Ron, the campus clown and self-proclaimed ladies man; and Dwayne, the nerdy engineer student from Bedstuy, Brooklyn. They all experience a microcosm  of the world that includes race, politics and other current events during the late 80’s and early 90’s, in addition to going through the traditional college life.

Luke Cage
A detective in Harlem fights crime and solves cases alongside a local resident who has bulletproof superpowers.

The Jamie Foxx Show
A former spoiled, rich girl moves to Los Angeles to become independent and begins work as a hotel clerk. She experiences the professional and dating world of LA, all while being pursued by a struggling actor/musician.

A marketing associate in Detroit goes through crazy urban adventures with her love lorn best friend and media personality boyfriend, who she makes more money than.

Jessica Pearson runs one of the top law firms in New York City. But one mistake could cost her everything, and everyone, she has worked hard for.

Alternate Synopsis:
Rachael Zane is a paralegal and aspiring law student for Pearson and Hardman, one of the top firms in NYC. As she works her way to become a lawyer, she is actually learning about the tricks and dangers not taught in the classroom but used for the courtroom.

Young and Hungry
A middle aged maid works for a 29-year-old millionaire tech playboy, alongside his flamboyant publicist and millenial chef.

A biracial wife and mother clashes with her husband on the “black ideologies” that their family should follow.

I was skeptical about listing Love and Hip Hop but I felt it needed to be listed to make a point. The way I wrote its synopsis was not in a dishonest tone but to simply put the story in their point of view. Pretty much to show that black women have a wide range of emotions as any other women of a different race/ethnicity. There are black women who may catch an attitude with you but it does not mean that is all you will receive from the person they are. Don’t believe me, just watch…on your locally listed channels.

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