Bullheaded: Week 5

After going 3-1, the Houston Texans have enjoyed a smooth start to their season but not without its ups and downs. While the new-look offense was introduced to the world, there were still a whirl of concerns about it. As Clowney stepped up, others went down. As great as this record as been, it has not come without its share of not-so-great moments.

One of the bright spots for this Texans team can be found on the offensive side of the ball. Rookie wide receiver Will Fuller is steadily becoming a pain for defenses. With the help of his 4.3 speed, Fuller leads the team with 19 catches and 323 yards. 7 of those catches came from Sunday’s win over the Titans for 81 yards and a touchdown; he also returned a punt for a touchdown in that same game. The Texans not only have found a potential compliment to receiver DeAndre Hopkins, but perhaps somebody that can help reduce the interception total for QB Brock Osweiler.

Osweiler has not been a bad quarterback for the offense, but his 5 touchdowns and 6 interceptions definitely indicate there is a lot of work to be done; especially for a team that is near the bottom of scoring and passing categories offensively. The 6 picks could derive from numerous factors but most notably from trying to force the ball to Hopkins; something that can be seen in the Titans game. If anyone can recall, it was turnovers that got him on the bench after his initial run as a starter last season. But other than that, nothing has been sen to show that Osweiler needs to hold a clipboard. But the switch

Probably the highlight of te defense this year has been the uncovering defensive end Jadeveon Clowney. The former number one overall pick looks to be recovered from the injuries of his first couple of seasons and giving the team the pass rush they need. Unfortunately, he is doing it at a time when defensive end J.J. Watt has went down for the season after re-injuring his back. But even though that dream defensive line tandem won’t be happening, there is still linebacker Whitney Mercilus available who definitely provides some force coming off the edge. This helps aid the secondary in coverage, which has created the number 1 pass defense in the league so far.

But things are about to turn up a little in the next few weeks, starting this weekend. The Texans will be on the road, facing the 4-0 Minnesota Vikings, in a game that is suppose to feature some strong defenses. After losing quarterback Teddy bridgewater and running back Adrian Peterson, the Vikings were thought to be dead, until they traded for QB Sam Bradford and things kept moving along smoothly. This will be the first true test of the Texans to see how strong our squad will be going into the rest of the year.

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