Bullheaded: Week 4

After the Week 3 beat down the Houston Texans suffered at the hands of the New England Patriots, you could sense a few changes had to be made; well there were some big ones that came along soon after. This week, it was announced that Texans defensive end J.J. Watt re-injured his back during last week’s loss and will be out for the season. But somehow there were a couple of silver linings that happened to occur. Linebacker Brian Cushing returned to practice and former defensive end Antonio Smith was resigned by the team as Watt’s replacement; meanwhile the offense handed switched the play calling reigns from George Godsey to head coach Bill O’ Brien. It’s safe to say that the Texans had more than their share of ups and downs this week.

The news of Watt is expected to be a huge downer but another bright side to this will be seeing what  can Jadeveon Clowney can do. After all, he is the number one overall pick from 2014 that Texans Nation have not truly seen due to the fact that he has been plagued with the injury bug most of his career. O’Brien taking over the playcalling will look to give life to an offense that has been almost lifeless within the first few weeks, as they have been at the bottom of the league in scoring, tied at 31st.


Ironically, they are tied with the Tennessee Titans, the Texans’ next opponent. It is always a treat when they visit Houston, because lately it has been a guaranteed win. Now while both teams come into this matchup as the top 2 teams in the division, the Texans still hold the implicated edge over the Titans, but rest assured they will not fall int the trap of being gassed by that notion. You can still expect them to come out playing to recover from their Thursday Night football debacle.

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