Bullheaded: Week 2

Last season, the Houston Texans started and ended their 2015 campaign with the Kansas City Chiefs; unfortunately they were both losses. In the playoffs, the Texans were outmatched in all phases of the game and it equated to a 30-0 beatdown that left a sour taste in the team’s mouth. Fast forward through free agency, draft as well as an impressive preseason and we have a completely different Houston team.

This Texans team is a lot better than that squad from the Week 1 loss in 2015. As seen in this year’s Week 1 win over the Bears, the quarterback play is better which means the offense is on point; even the tight ends look to have a more solid year this season. The defense is not missing tackles left and right so big plays are not allowed as much. Short story a little longer, this team has made some improvements in crucial areas. This is a different team heading into Week 2 this season than what was heading into Week 2 of last season.┬áSo what does all that mean as they prepare for a pseudo-foe such as the Kansas City Chiefs?

It means it’s time for the first test of the year. The fans have been beat in their head about all the changes but now it’s time to actually see if they work. The Chiefs will be coming into Houston fresh off of their 33-27 comeback victory over the San Diego Chargers. They will essentially have the same squad they last played Houston. The same thing goes for the Texans. This will be a team missing a few pieces from the last matchup, but the agonizing memories will still be there; most likely to fuel them to redeeming win.

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