Review: Way We Live EP by Profit Z

Fall is right around the corner so the underground, low vibe rap records will be in full effect. This is where Austin, Texas rapper Profit Z and contributes to that feeling with his debut EP, “Way We Live”. The 7 track project can only be described as an underground opus that does nothing short of deliver. The first track, “Futuristic” sees Prophet lay out vocals over the production of fellow Austinite M1sta Wyte, who is a producer on most of the EP. It is on this song where he lays out, what seems to be, his standard spoken word-type cadence that is found throughout the whole CD. One of those lines he drops is, “Grammatic quotes choosing the chosen/Freezing foes to frozen snowmen/ Floating on wings of crows crowing.”

The track that might just stand out the most is “Unleashed”. The beat feels slightly more upbeat than the other songs, and shows Profit spitting prolifically throughout with a catchy hook that rides smooth. “Excite the Mic” is another song that stands out as M1sta Wyte delivers a production of adrenaline-pumping horns. Assisted by Dj Respect, it Profit comes with it with verses such as, “Assassins shooting photos, they pop and shot Z/ panoramic polaroids punching paparazzi.”

Overall, Profit’s flow takes the lead on this EP while his lyrics and production brings it all to completion. It is definitely worth a listen as well as the wait for his next project.

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