Stop Making Excuses for 50 Cent

Before Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, there was 50 Cent’s music career. A movement that was built on entertainment propelled by the disdain he had for his peers and slanderous statements he would spew. As he is getting older, beef is being forgiven but music is not so much popping anymore. Yet, you continue to hear his name through his antics as opposed his current projects (Power, Effen Vodka). His latest stunt, filing for bankruptcy to prevent paying a lawsuit ruling, proves once and for all we need to stop making excuses for him.

Since 50 hit the scene, he has pretty much been seen as unstoppable. His beef with Ja Rule practically ended Rule’s career. He has put out a couple of good albums and made tons of money from acting in some great movies. Still, he just seems attract an argument or vice versa. The situation with Rick Ross was one of the last great feuds that he has been involved in and is also the reason for his bankruptcy case. Apparently, he posted a sex tape of Ross’ baby mama and ended up getting sued. A judge ruled he had to pay her $5 million but he filed for bankruptcy. According to social media (or the nigga sleeping on an air mattress in his mama house who is a self-proclaimed money guru) 50 filed for it so he didn’t have to pay the ruling.

From that method I gather two ideas: he really is “broke” and does not have the means to pay the ruling or he has finally found out he is not as invincible as he thought he was; maybe it is a mix of both. For years, 50 has been known as one of the richest rappers and better hip hop businessmen; but court documents have proven otherwise as they list debt after debt and losses that range up into the millions.

People need to realize this is an entirely different platform this rivalry is playing out on. There is not a song, tweet or meme that can end this like his other feuds. There are actual judges who don’t give a fuck about any of that. That is part of the reason he was called into court for flashing money on his Instagram. Everyday people get roasted on social media for doing things such as flashing money online. Is it because since 50 is in a higher tax bracket we assume he has bought security to protect him? Chris Brown is rich and he got robbed quite a few times.

There are so many lessons to this situation to be considered. As I’m writing I can’t help but think of all the black celebs that have had money problems which included taxes and bankruptcy. There have been some artists that have either made it out great and those that have not been so unfortunate. For 50 Cent, I believe he will be in the first group because of the various ventures he has but he has to be smarter about his money. Sometimes that may not have anything to do with numbers and there is no excuse for him to not understand that.

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