Bullheaded – Season Finale Episode

Welp…the Houston Texans took that playoff L against the Kansas City Chiefs 30-0, which was obviously our worst playoff loss. As a Texans fan it was disheartening to see such a dismal performance ruin a pretty great year

Everybody knew Brian Hoyer wasn’t an elite QB, but nobody expected him to play the way he did in his first playoff start. It seems he was haunted by the failures of the season opener and now his Texans future is in doubt, which sucks, because I like him as a future backup. Bill O Brien probably should have yanked him halfway in the 3rd so the offense can turn on and put points on the board for a change and get us out of bad situations. Hell, those 2 field goals the Chiefs had in the first half were the result of good field position delivered by Houston; all because the offense was ineffective. If your QB is off, so is your offense and it will keep your defense out there long periods of time. The team was relatively in the game until around the 4th quarter. When the Chiefs opened up with that TD then, that is when it got to be desperate mode for the Texans.

Now it does not take away any feelings I have about the season, which are pretty optimistic. The Texans were the only team in league history to start four different quarterbacks and make the playoffs. They did while overcoming a 2-5 start as well as getting back to being a crushing defense.

It was tough losing on national television and getting blown out by an offense such as the Chiefs, whose not known as explosive but the Texans do not have to wait until August to begin redeeming itself. Free agency will be here before you know it and there will have to be a decision made on players such as center Ben Jones, defensive end Jared Crick, running back Chris Polk as well as a few others. Without question, a QB will be sought after whether it’s in the draft or in free agency, which does not have a bad selection this year compared to last year. Whichever way they decide to go, the right choice will have the Texans going up from here on out.

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