Bullheaded – Episode 16

The AFC South lies in the hands of the Houston Texans for the most part but there is one small problem: The Jacksonville Jaguars. That is nowhere near to be a typo. Sunday, the Texans will be able to take the division in front of the NRG Stadium faithful if they can beat a team whose season is pretty much fucked off. That my friends is what I like to call a Trap Game. I wrote about Trap Games in my Black Quarterback Column, so I’m not surprised this issue hit close to home.

For most of the Texans’ existence, the Jaguars have been relatively garbage, but managed to play some close football with us at one time or another. Heading into Sunday’s game, it would mean nothing more for the Jags to end our regular season with a loss and put us in a position to miss out on the postseason entirely. And please believe, they are capable of doing so. Before their two game losing streak, the Jags put up 51 on the Indianapolis Colts. At this point, that should mean nothing but it says that they are still playing at a competitive level; essentially they are playing in their Super Bowl this Sunday.

However, the Texans may feel extra better about their chances going into this game, now that starting QB Brian Hoyer has passed concussion protocol and J.J. Watt has shed the cast from his right hand. Watt might be able to fight through blocks a little better, racking up more sacks and hits on the QB, which you can never have too much of. You can also never have too much of confidence going into a game where you will be almost handed a division title, but the team will have to flip that confidence into focus for the task at hand.

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