Bullheaded – Episode 14

The Houston Texans are entering Week 15 preparing for all hell to break loose. This Sunday they will playing the Indianapolis Colts for sole possession of the AFC South, but not without a little Deja Vu. Last time, the Texans played the Colts, they had to resort to quarterback Brian Hoyer, who was on the bench at the time, after then-starting quarterback Ryan Mallett was injured. Now in an ironic twist, the Texans will be going to a backup QB in T.J. Yates in the second battle with quarterback Matt Hasselback.┬áIn the last matchup, Hasselback was taking over for an injured for Andrew Luck but was dealing with his own ailment in the form of the flu. This time around he could possibly be feeling the effects of injured ribs he suffered in last week’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Despite all the familiarity in this matchup, there is one thing that the Texans hope to change; that is the fact they have never won in Indianapolis. Not even during the Texans’ playoff years have they won on the road against the Colts. However, all of that could change on Sunday. While the Texans are coming off of a 2 game losing streak and suffering a setback at quarterback, they have a legit chance to pull the win off, considering the Colts are in the same predicament.

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