Bullheaded – Episode 11

Week 12 has arrived for the Houston Texans and they are lowkey on a hot streak coming off the bye week. Including a win against the Titans to close out the first half of the season, the team has went on a 3 game winning streak to tie for first place with the Indianapolis Colts. As the season draws closer to an end, the playoffs are creeping up as fast as possible. Last week, the Colts won on the road against the Atlanta Falcons, with 40-year-old Matt Hasselback at the quarterback in place of the injured Andrew Luck. Luck is expected to be out for at least another 4 weeks or could see an early return against the Texans in Week 15. But after Cowboys lost quarterback Tony Romo in his return from injury, it remains to be seen how true they stick to that.

The¬†Texans and Colts appear to be in a very tight playoff race and Houston must play out of their minds to remain in it. The next 3 games will see the Texans take on the Saints, Bills and Patriots. The Saints are currently in last place and has one of the worst defenses in the league; but the Bills are quietly resurging and getting people healthy while the Patriots are just beating the crap out of anybody put in front of them. The toughest opponent the Colts have is the Pittsburgh Steelers but who’s to say how effective Hasselback can really be. Houston does have a majority of its starters healthy and have played against some decent QB’s, but it will be interesting to see how this race pans out for both teams.

And that race will continue this Sunday when the Texans square up against the New Orleans Saints in NRG stadium. By far, the Saints have the worst defense in the NFL and it could prove advantageous for the Texans. Watch the video below as I discuss what Houston should do in order to keep this win streak alive.

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