Texans Saved Their Future not Taking the Manning Trade

The Houston Texans almost damaged their future this offseason and you aint even know it. Wednesday,  it was reported that the Denver Broncos were trying to work out a deal with the Texans to trade Broncos QB Peyton Manning. The news was first reported by Benjamin Allbright of 94.1 “fame” as he also cited two unnamed sources. However, the Broncos later tweeted out that his information was false and inaccurate. But eventually the story was confirmed by Channel 11 in Houston (CBS affiliate for you non-Houstonians) .

However, that just means that the Texans have dodged a bullet that they did not need. Of course Peyton Manning is the greatest QB in the history of ever, but all that history must have taken a toll on him. Why would you want to get rid of a guy who got you to a Super Bowl a couple of seasons ago. Is it because you are trying to start the Brock Osweiler as one of Allbright’s sources reported? Or is it the fact that the neck injury is starting to creep back and the Broncos needed to save face. Whichever the case, the Texans do not need the services of a 39-year-old veteran quarterback. It will only complicate the trivial QB situation the team is already faced with. For years, the Texans have struggled to get a franchise quarterback that would lead them to a title. At this moment, they have a shot to choose somebody that can be developed and lead to them to a championship. Manning has pretty much been knighted as a coach on the field and Texans coach Bill O Brien does not seem like the type to give a player that type of power. Besides, who knows if manning can actually play into his 40’s as some have suggested. That would put Houston back at square one looking for another quarterback and stuck in a continuous cycle.

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