Richard Sherman Says He’s gonna Choke Michael Crabtree


In last season’s NFC Championship game, Seattle Seahawks Cornerback Richard Sherman went on a rant against San Francisco 49ers Michael Crabtree and was soon launched into the public spotlight. Since the season has officially finished, Sherman has been somewhat quiet on the until now. According to Bleacher Report, Sherman was recently asked about his feelings towards Crabtree and they seemed to translate more into actions.

“I hope to play him every year for the rest of my career and choke him out,” said Sherman. He answered this question while on the show American Muscle and they asked him about the whole incident in January as well as their relationship now. Sherman says that the rivalry between the two goes way deeper than wearing different jerseys.

“We had a little beef outside. Me and him had a little outside, a little something. I’m gonna ruin that boy.”

In case none of that was clear, Sherman goes on to break it down even further on the whole situation.

“It’s much more of just I don’t like the dude. You know what I’m saying. And I think he’s sorry. So it’s really what it comes down to.”

It makes you wonder how he really feels about Crabtree but these are the kind of statements that have made Sherman a hugely polarized figure in the sports world over recent months. In fact, he has battled with other cornerbacks through Twitter but still manages to maintain some sort of respect about him. If football fades away then he definitely has the mouth to be a WWE wrestler.


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