The Future is Yesterday

So every year or so the internet decides give traditional media a little makeover and it is not probably not done with the long term beautification project. All of our traditional joys and satisfactions that we were accustom to are now just a click away. Don’t believe me then just ask Jimmy Wales. You may not know who he is, but you are familiar with what his company does. Wales is the founder of the Encyclopedia site Wikipedia. you probably just used the site to look him up. His website is partly respsonsible for shutting down the 244 year paper exisitence of the Britannica encyclopedias. Now both the old and new school versions of vast information reside online. So if you took an undergrad in Mass Communications, more than liekly you ran into the term “Nielsen”. Despite running into that word, it has been a while since I forgot how to calculate the number for it. Well apparently that may not be needed anytime in the future. In the article, The Nielsen Family is Dead, Tom Vanderbilt writes that a lot of top shows such as Breaking Bad and Girls, have mediocre ratings that would have got them cancelled, but instead they are surviving off of social media popularity and niche audiences. Perhaps it is because there is a wider access to cable and satellite channels than ever before so people are discovering more and more television shows across all of the networks. Do not forget the invention of On Demand television, where people mwho might have missed an episode can go back and replay that show if they have a particular cable service. Online advertising is also changing. Banner ads are on their way out but comapnies are finding innovative ways to reach consumers such as native advertising.



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