The Message

So when doing visualizations, you have to be mindful of what you are trying to tell your audience. Sure they may look cool to show off and get the reader’s attention, but they also have to a purpose or you will lose  your audience now and potentially for the long-term. There are many different stories to tell with a visualization. Some can can be told with a stacked bar chart, if you want to learn the total of data. Comparisons are told in grouped bar charts; side-by-side charts are used to ease comparisons within a category.

Google Drive Stacked Chart


Post-industrial journalism is in development if it has not already begun. Many believe that the old models of journalism are going to die out and relying up on them will cause companies to lose revenue. But the good news is that journalism will come back to its essence and deliver quality information in a multitude of ways. The key word is “quality” as fluff news such as pop stars and their activities will not make the front page as much as the article suggested. There is the hope that this new frontier will reduce the need for advertising and thus keeping advertisers away from the dictation of news stories. 

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