Super Fail!!

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Superhead has done somthin I havent done in a minute, and thats take a white man’s side in a matter. She called into the Rod Ryan show on 94.5 The Buzz to promote her new book about keeping a man. How tha biggest ho known to the music can tell u that, i dont know. But the hst was trying to ask her questions about the past books and she didnt want to get into all of that, prob because he was asking about who she was fuckin (droppin names like Kid Rock and Jay-Z). She hangs up on the host and the guy deserved it probably, but Superhead takes the entire FAIL FOR THIS SITUATION. When u hear the interview, its obvious the guy doesnt know who she is and caters to an audience who doesnt know or give a shit about her. At least go to where there is an audience who has a working knowledge of you, nickname and all. I mean dude kept saying Karrine Steffans and Im like “bich thats superhead”!! I guess she thought she could hide much of her past, but here goes the icebreaker: YOU SLEPT WITH HALF THE SUBSCRITION OF THE SOURCE AND XXL!! So the guy is asking all these questions about her first book and she gets angry cause she thought it was gon be about her new book. Why so mad Superhead? You choke on the wrong side of the dick this morning? Cant remember which dick u choked on this morning or 5 minutes ago? I think this is the point of her life where she is finally paying for her mistakes that she has made. She wrote two books about fucking the world and now the world is fucking her. Apparently this new book is about relationships and maintaining relationships but who is she to talk. There is a reason for the phrase “you cant turn a ho into a housewife”. Before she started writing, nobody ever knew who she was except everyone in the industry. Now everyone knows whut she did and who she is now. She’s jus doin all this for money since she’s prob too old to be in fuckin videos again. She didnt write those books to show people the hard times of a video girl and tell people to not do those same mistakes. And thats why I wrote this. People need to be careful of the choices they make cause eventually we are gonna have to own up to whut weve done, no matter how bad they are. She made her fame off of bein a slut now she wants to be famous for bein a good woman. Im sry, but when they call u Superhead youre liable to end up with a Super Fail. Holla Black!!

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