Bullheaded – The Enemy Episode

It’s Titans week in Texans Nation and the tempers should be through the roof right now. Last Sunday, the team blew a chance to beat the New England Patriots, despite a solid performance from our rookie quarterback and defensive line. A missed first down attempt and poo clock management led to our demise, which could’ve […]

Bullheaded: Ready or Not Episode

Despite all that’s going on in Texans Nation, we still have to face the New england Patriots this Sunday. That’s right the same Patriots team who has given us our share of heartbreaks as well as coaching staff. However, there are some things to reflect on that we can definitely push forward with. For starters, […]

Four Things I got to Take Away from Jay-Z’s 4:44

Apparently Jay-Z dropped his latest album, “4:44”, but I couldn’t tell from all the quotes and download links people posted. In all seriousness, it was a great moment for hip hop, from the rollout all the way to the differing opinions. As far as the latter goes, there are only 4 details I got from […]